Tecnoart Used Single Bench Surrey Bike 1A

Tecnoart Used Single Bench Surrey Bike 1A
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Used and in good condition. Italian Made Surrey.
Sold as is.
Has normal wear and tear (Tires / Chains / Seats / etc).
Fully functional.
Seats have marks from wear and tear. One mark most noticeable on seat backrest at top. One back reflector missing.(See Pictures)

This Surrey Bike comes from our rental fleet and has been fairly used. Some rust and wear will be on the frame/ metal/ components as this Surrey has been stored/used in a coastal climate (See pictures).

Two steering wheels... 1 for steering... 1 for pretending to steer.
Front reflective lights.

Bench can seat up to 3 people (2 adults and a child). 2 adults are able to pedal. The front basket can seat 2 children. A bell has been added to the frame for some added fun.

Surreys are a lot of fun for family and friends.
We rent these on the boardwalks and they are extremely popular.
We also sell surrey parts and custom make tops.

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