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Make Like Aaar-nold In The Winter To Ride Better In The Spring

So what else should you do while you're in the weight room? Improving your upper-body fitness is very helpful.

Bulk Up To Ride Better
Increased strength in the torso and arms is useful because the muscles there are used when sprinting, hill climbing, and controlling the bike. And, they're muscles that don't really develop much during cycling. Strength gains here are especially helpful for off-road riders, too, who need additional strength for hanging on over rough, rutted trails. Adding bench presses, biceps curls, and push-ups will improve total upper-body fitness.

Crunch Time
Ever notice that your lower back hurts after long climbs in the saddle? That's a sign that your abdominal muscles could use some beefing up. They're an often-neglected muscle group important for climbing and comfort. The cure? Seated rows, back extensions, crunches and lat pull downs.

Vary Your Work
When doing your gym work, be sure to alternate between lower- and upper-body exercises to give the different muscle groups a rest as you're working out.

Ask For Help
If you're not familiar with the exercises we've mentioned ask for instruction at your gym before attempting a workout. This is important because it's easy to get injured if you perform an exercise incorrectly or use too much resistance. A professional trainer can explain how the exercises are done and help plan a routine that matches your goals and fitness level.

Dress The Part
Remember to dress in comfortable clothes and cross-training shoes and bring energy food and drink to the gym. And keep in mind that one of the most fun and motivating ways to exercise indoors is to do so with friends. Ask cyclists you know where they do their weight workouts and see if you can tag along to join the fun.

Health & Fitness

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